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Exchange DAG Replicating DB Error 0xc8000713

Exchange DAG Replicating DB Error 0xc8000713


I was trying to add Database copy of a DB in my DAG  and it was giving error DAG Error 0x8000713 during the Database synchronization. In Exchange Control Panel the error looked like this:
DAG Add Copy Error
Sometimes we get errors through Exchange Control Panel, but if we update the copies through Powershell, they start seeding.
So, i tried the same for this DB through “Add-mailboxDatabaseCopy”, but got the following error:
DAG error 0xc8000713
The error was mentioning that the DB was not active on source server, while in Exchange Control Panel it was showing the DB was mounted.


I dismounted the database, and checked if it is in “Clean Shutdown” through eseutil which it was:

ESEUtil Clean Shutdown
While the Database was dismounted, i moved the all the files from the Logs directory for this DB to a temporary location, as they were already truncated. After the move completed, i mounted the database, once the DB mounted. I removed the previously added copy of this DB, and this time it started Syncing without any error.

Exchange 2013 Logs Drive Full, Manually Truncate Logs

Exchange 2013 Logs Drive getting Full, Manually Truncate Logs


I will be discussing how to manually truncate logs for Exchange 2013 Database(Try it on your own risk).

One of my friend faced a problem with his exchange databases. He has number of databases, while each database and logs are stored on different drives. Few days ago, some drives with Log files became full, because the backup appliance had some issue and it was not taking the backups(Full Backup truncates the Log files to the database and clears  the log disk space). Resulting in database down. 

Exchange Drives looked like this:

Log Drive Full
Best solution was to take full backup, but as the backup was not working and many of the databases were down. Additionally, it was the working hours, and the users would not wait hours for backup to complete. So we had to go for a quick workaround.


First of All we checked the databases, if they are in clean shutdown or not. So we did the following:
Open CMD as Administrator
Run the command: eseutil /mh database_file_path.edb
Luckily we had two databases in healthy shutdown state.

 eseutil clean shutdown
As the database is in clean shutdown and the “Logs Required” showing 0x0, that means log files are not required.

While, Database is down, i moved all the log files and checkpoint file to the Z Drive that i attached temporarily. To make the Logs drive empty.
Then i mounted the database from ECP, it generated new logs, checkpoint file and other required files.

Unfortunately, two of the database were in Dirty Shutdown. Ideally we should repair the databases, but we did not have much time.

So we had to check the “Log Required” 4bc6b-4bc89. (TRY IT ON YOUR OWN RISK)
I searched for 4bc6b file in the logs for that specific database, and kept few other logs before that(to be on the safe side) and moved the remaining logs to the temporary Z drive. Once the move completed, i mounted that Database through ECP. It was mounted successfully, while there were very few log files on the log drive, so log drive was almost empty.

As the databases were mounted, so i deleted the log files from the temporary drive Z.
Once the backup appliance issue fixed, we took a full backup of all the databases.

This is how we successfully truncated the Exchange logs manually.

Outlook Download OAB Error 0x80190194

Outlook Download OAB Error 0x80190194


One of the user in my organization faced an issue with the Outlook 2013. While downloading Offline Address Book, he received the error 0x80190194. The error looked like this:

OAB Error 0x80190194

I checked Offline Addressbook on exchange and everything was looking fine. So i tried to download Offline Addressbook on my PC, and faced the same issue. That means it was a general issue.


Then i googled, and found this Blog Link, who was facing a similar kind of issue. As i also have Exchange 2013, so i decided to check the Database copies in my DAG and found few of them suspended. So i just resumed them.

DB Copy Suspended

After the Sync completed, i tried to download the Addressbook again and this time the download started without error. It was Passive database copy of the database DB1 that was storing the OAB for the users that is why it  was causing the Offline Addressbook error 0x80190194.

Download Addressbook Success