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Automatically detect settings

Downloading Proxy Script in Google Chrome

Downloading Proxy Script in Google Chrome

At time you may see “Downloading Proxy Script” in the lower left corner of chrome window in google chrome and the websites taking forever to load. This problem is faced when you are using a proxy server to access the internet. Companies use proxy server to control the internet access for their employees. While users put the proxy in their Internet Explorer Proxy options. Google chrome uses these proxy settings from internet explorer to reach the internet.


The solution to “Downloading Proxy Script” problem is pretty simple. You just need to uncheck the “Automatically Detect Settings” in the proxy settings.

First of all, In Google Chrome go to settings and look for “Proxy settings”. Alternatively you can open the Internet Options in Internet Explorer. Because both open the same window.

Automatically detect settings

On the connections Tab, click “Land Settings” and UNCHECK “Automatically Detect Settings”, click OK.

Finally, close the chrome and open it again, now Google chrome will load the sites faster without showing the “Downloading Proxy Script”.


If you want to know more about Proxy settings in internet explorer you can read Technet article about “How to configure Internet explorer to use proxy server”

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