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facebook full site on android

Open Facebook Full Site on Android Device

Open Facebook Full Site on Android Device

Opening Facebook Full site is a bit tricky in android devices. Here i will give two methods of doing that.

Method 1  (Using Direct Link):

This method uses the Facebook URL link to open the full/desktop version of the site.

First of all, Launch the browser/chrome in your android device and open, it will open the mobile version of the site. Login to your account.
Now open a new Tab/Window and type “” in your browser.
It will open the full desktop version of Facebook. Enjoy!

Method 2 ( Browser Settings):

Some browsers in android have this option to enable the desktop version of the site.

For example, Chrome in android has a builtin option to view the desktop version of the page.

To enable this option, Open the Chrome, then select the “Menu” button located at the upper-right corner, then choose “Request Desktop Site”.

Chrome Request Desktop site

Finally, If you want to switch back to the mobile version, you can go the Chrome menu again and un-tick the “Request Desktop Site”.

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