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internet explorer has stopped working

Solution: Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

“Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working” is an IE error that randomly occurs for Internet Explorer users. The error is displayed because Internet Explorer crashes in Windows XP,  7, 8 and Windows 10 machines. The error screen looks like this:

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

It could occur due to multiple reasons, that’s why we have to try multiple solutions. Only try one solution at a time, and see if that fixes your problem. if it does not fix the issue only then move to the next solution.

1.Reset internet Explorer settings

First of all, try to reset the IE settings. Most of the time it fixes the issues. In Internet Explorer go to Tools==> Internet Options==>Advanced Tab and then click Reset Button. You will get another dialogue, check ” Delete Personal Settings” and click OK.

Note: In case you cannot open Internet Explorer, you can do the same procedure through Control Panel (Control Panel==>Network & Internet==>Internet Options==>Advance Tab and then click the Reset button).

Internet Options Reset


2. Disable Software Rendering

Open Internet Explorer go to Tools==>Internet Options==>Advance Tab then to the Accelerated Graphics section and Un-checkUse software rendering instead of GPU rendering“.

Internet Options Software Rendering


3. Disable Addons and Toolbars

Disable any Addons you have from internet Explorer and remove any Toolbar software you have through “Add remove programs”. Because addons and toolbar may create issue for Internet Explorer, as a result it crashes.

Internet Explorer Add-ons


4. Remove and reinstall Silverlight, Flash player and Java

The error could be because of the compatibility issues between IE and Silverlight, Flash player or Java. Remove these components one by one and download and install the latest version.


5. Check Event Viewer

Open the event viewer on the computer that has this issue and check the applications log. Every crash or issue in any application generates events in the Application Log. Check for the Internet Explorer crash related errors to find the reasons and possible solutions.


6. Use Microsoft Easy Fix solutions for Internet Explorer related issues

Finally, if nothing fixes your issue, you can try the Microsoft Easy Fix Solutions 



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