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Outlook Download OAB Error 0x80190194

Outlook Download OAB Error 0x80190194


One of the user in my organization faced an issue with the Outlook 2013. While downloading Offline Address Book, he received the error 0x80190194. The error looked like this:

OAB Error 0x80190194

I checked Offline Addressbook on exchange and everything was looking fine. So i tried to download Offline Addressbook on my PC, and faced the same issue. That means it was a general issue.


Then i googled, and found this Blog Link, who was facing a similar kind of issue. As i also have Exchange 2013, so i decided to check the Database copies in my DAG and found few of them suspended. So i just resumed them.

DB Copy Suspended

After the Sync completed, i tried to download the Addressbook again and this time the download started without error. It was Passive database copy of the database DB1 that was storing the OAB for the users that is why it  was causing the Offline Addressbook error 0x80190194.

Download Addressbook Success

DNS Access Denied

DNS Access Denied


The customer i mentioned in previous post about “Exchange Management Console Error 0x51” had also problem of DNS Access Denied in their DNS after seizing the FSMO roles from crashed DC1 roles to DC2. While opening DNS console, it was giving access denied error. Many related events were generated in the event log (Event Id 4000, 4017, 4018).

Checked the DNS settings, it was only pointing to itself, because there was no other DNS in the environment. I also checked the Hosts file on server and there was no entry.

Saw many articles mentioning possible AD secure channel broken.


So i tried to reset the channel, but i was not sure if it will work, as it was the only DC in the environment..

So i open the command prompt and run the command:
nltest.exe  /sc_reset:domainDC2

After that i restarted the server and this time DNS did not give access denied error.

Exchange Management Console Error 0x51

Exchange Management Console Error 0x51


One of my customer was facing problem with exchange 2010. When opening Exchange Management Console, it was giving the following error:

Process w3wp.exe Exchange Active Directory Provider lost contact with domain controller . Error was 0x51 (Server Down). Server cannot be contacted.

While opening Organization configuration in EMC was also giving the following error:

EMC Error

After getting more details, i was told, there was a domain controller DC1 that crashed recently and all FMSO roles were seized to the DC2.

I checked DNS and exchange settings, all were OK, but this exchange 2010 server was some how still pointing to the wrong DC, DC1 in this case.

So i googled, and found the following Microsoft support article:

Exch2010/ Exchange EMC cannot access the AD configuration data

DC1 information was cached in the EMC file in windows profile with whom the user was logged into the Exchange Server.


The solution was to go to the following directory on the exchange server:
C:\users<specific user>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftMMCand delete “Exchange Management Console” file.
After that i closed the EMC and opened again, and this time there was no error about the DC1.

Same customer was facing DNS Access denied error, you can check it on my another post, “DNS Access denied